Elite Four Lily Rainbows' Intro!

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Elite Four Lily Rainbows' Intro! Empty Elite Four Lily Rainbows' Intro!

Post by Elite_Four_Lily_R on Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:05 pm

Hello there! It is nice to meet you, I am Lily Rainbows one of the fantastic elite four here. You probably came here to learn about me. But, let us put that aside for a moment or two. First of all my favorite color is purple and I love to play strategy based games. Now how about I tell you about me as an elite four. I am the poison elite four and probably the wildest Razz. But, I know that every one enjoys me being around. I love to joke around and have fun. Now how about you (if you haven't already) jump into our server and have some fun for yourself! I love you ~Lily

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