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Post by Stunfisk The Great on Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:37 pm

Hey, I'm the guy you know as stunfisk who likes to stop in often. I was a semi original, joining tempest when they were recruiting for their frontier. I'm a really skilled ground trainer (im mostly a kinda offensive player, but normally I play logically...unless I'm having a bad day), and I was actually a Ghost Elite Four during Phoenix. However, I was later kicked from the spot, bc unfortunately back then I was an idiot. :I But I liked to stay close to the league (cat and lynn especially) even with times like now when I'm not in it. You could know me best for my stunfisk set, which actually has pwned a lot of people in ou. xD I'm a fun charismatic person who can be random, but lovable. :3 But that's me in a nutshell.

BTW, i did get permabanned from frost for posting an ad about my league opening, so thats why I haven't been able to visit lately. Once u guy's server is back up i promise i'll come back Smile bounce

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