This league is becoming a dump

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This league is becoming a dump Empty This league is becoming a dump

Post by Stunfisk The Great on Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:57 pm

For a while, I really cared about the people here, and even though there were major things i was worried about, I didnt want to anger anyone. what im gonna say means nothing personal, its just suggestions that yall really need.

So the first thing is the ban list, stupidest idea weve ever had. We ban people immediately and then theres drama about it. And ik there are certain people that abuse this, but im not gonna mention any names. When I mentioned it a few hours ago today, i got banned for it from the room on frost, and after the fact I was helping in getting this banlist argument sorted out. Yall need to get rid of it, and just ban, mute, or locked when they actually commit some type of offense. Some of the people are being banned for things they did months ago, and its because yall cant let go and give second chances. This ban list will just make you guys not only look shitty, but actually act shitty.

Alright, so second thing is some of the people you appointed as staff. I touched on this a little earlier, but like i said i will not mention names. If you notice problems and drama being caused by one person a lot, i think thats a good indicator to give a warning or kick them out.

Last thing goes a bit along with the second, and thats the lack of well-behaved staff. Some of the staff do not handle themselves well often. I can be included in this mix, but thats not the point. Yall need to teach some of your staff to behave better, especially around guests in your server or rooms.

So, this league is becoming an absolute dump, and i can gaurentee yall that if this stuff isnt fixed, you guys are gonna be disbanded in a matter of a few weeks. Like i said earlier, none of this should be taken personally, but i think these are serious things to fix. Until this stuff is fixed, I wish not to visit at all. You can reply and say "oh, thats bullshit were not gonna shut down" or "your just an idiot," tell it to the guy who got kicked for no reason other for 1 person to be happy that im gone.

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