Where do we meet?

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Where do we meet? Empty Where do we meet?

Post by Stunfisk The Great on Mon Dec 23, 2013 2:10 pm

Hey this is Stun. I just wanted to let yall know that since our server is down, we've been hanging at Kill The Noise server. If that's down, we go to Frost, and if that is down as well we need to make it a point where we meet in our Chatroom on the website. Now we all know this is stressful that our server has been down, but Ruby is getting a newer and nicer computer so we can have our server running much better than before, so please bear with us as we wait for our little borrow to be rebuilt Smilebounce 

-Uncle Stunny  sunny

Edit: Due to issues of mods/a spammer, were moving to amethyst because me and lynn especially are pissed off by what happened. For what we know, ruby's gonna get a new computer in a couple days, so we should be fine for now.

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